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Tips for your Hunt
1. Hunting Tips.
2. Personal Gear Checklist.
3. We provide you with.
4. Shooting Distances
5. Campeche
Hunting Tips:
1. We highly suggest you to bring your own guns. For Mule Deer and Desert Big Horn Sheep any caliber between .270 Win. to .300 Mag. and bullets with weights between 130-180 grains. For Coues Deer any caliber between .243 and .300 Mag. and bullet weight from 100-180 grains.
2. Shots will be from 50-300 yds. we suggest you to sight in your guns zeroing them at 200 yds. and practice a lot of off-hand shooting before your hunt.
3. Bring a good quality variable scope and a gun sling.
4. To transport and protect your rifle during the trip to camp use a rigid hardshell case, and a soft one for everyday transportation.
5. There is no ammunition for sale in Mexico, so bring 100 cartriges for each rifle (you can only bring 2 rifles into Mexico).
6. Remember to register your guns and valuables at the U.S. customs before entering Mexico.
7. Good physical condition and the right equipment are very helpful for making the best out of your trip.
8. The Mexican wildlife department assures a limited number of licences to the few registered and authorized land owners like us, so itīs important to reserve early before we run out of them (deadline is Oct. 1st).
9. As in the past years, we will gladly take care of all your paper work involved in getting the licences, but it is necessary for you to strictly follow our instructions about this matter.
10. The more we know about you (any special needs), the easier it will be for us to make your trip an unforgettable one.
Personal Gear Checklist: (deer and Sheep hunts)
To ensure your comfort and relaxation.
- 1 Medium flannel shirt (long sleeves).
- 2 Light flannel shirts (long sleeves).
- 2 Pair of jeans.
- 1 Set of thermal underware (top, bottom).
- 4 Pair of medium socks.
- 2 Pair of cotton socks.
- 4 Pair of underware.
- 1 Rain jacket (light one but good quality).
- 1 Pair of leather gloves.
- 1 Pair of leather light hunting boots (well broken).
- 1 Pair of camp shoes.
- 1 Medium-heavy down jacket.
- 1 Light hunting jacket. 1 Rifle with scope and sling.
- 100 rounds of ammunition (per rifle).
- 1 Pair of binoculars (good quality 7x35, 8x40, 10x50).
- 1 Flashlight with fresh batteries and a spare set of them.
- 1 Day pack (light but sturdy).
- 1 Sleeping bag (a warm one, rated +40-10 F).
- 1 Towel and face cloth.
- 1 Camera 35mm. and 4 rolls of film. Sunglasses.
- Any special medicine you need or think you might need (No drug stores within 200 miles).
- One 2 quarts water canteen.
We provide you with:
- Heated bedrooms in Sonora, spike camps and nice 5 star hotel accomodations for sheep in Baja.
- Full size beds and cots.
- Pillows and pillow cases at all camps.
- Soap and towels at all camps.
- Hot showers at all camps, but spike camps.
If you are coming in a 2 week combination hunt, please bring double underware as suggested.

Shooting distances, nose rifle hunts:

( 100 - 300 yds. ) this is a wild and free hunt, no fences, your trophy will qualify for the B & C record book and for the S.C.I. book of records also.

For Campeche: Bring very light cotton long sleeves shirts and long pants, this is a very humid and hot area!

- 2 Green Camouflage Medium Cotton flannel shirts (long sleeves).
- 4 Green Camouflaged ( long sleeved ) Cotton t-shirt.
- 3 Pair of Green Camouflaged Cotton Hunting pants.
- 1 Green Camouflaged Head net.
- 1 Green Camouflaged Mosquito-Net Jacket/Pant set.
- 1 Green Camouflage Hunting hat.
- 6 Pair of Light Cotton Green Color Tall Tube socks.
- 6 Pair of Regular Cotton underware.
- 1 No-Noise Rain Jacket.
- 1 Pair of Green Color Cotton gloves.
- 1 Pair of leather light hunting boots, un-insulated.
- 1 Pair of Tennis type camp shoes.
- 1 Light Hunting jacket.
- 1 Pair of GOOD Quality small size set of binoculars ( 8x40, 10x40 ).
- 1 Small Flashlight with fresh batteries and a spare set of them.
- 1 Set of NARROW front shotgun sights ( Magnetic ).
- 1 Set of WIDE front shotgun sights ( Magnetic ).
- 1 Daypack (light but sturdy).
- 2 Towels and 1 face cloth.
- 1 Digital Camera, spare batteries and chips or a 35mm. with 2 rolls of film.
- Sunglasses and suntan lotion or cream.
- Any special medicine you need or think you might need.
- Mosquito Repelent Spray and Mosquito Bite medicine.
- One 2 quarts Light water canteen.

We Offer you:

- Full Mosquito-Netted dry Bungalows (outside toilet ).
- 2 Single size beds/pillows per Bungalow.
- Shotguns and Ammo.
- Soap/Mirror.
- Camp shower.

Av. Sauzales 44, Col. Granjas Coapa, Mexico D.F. 14330.
Tel: (52)555-671-2064, (52)555-671-1177
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