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Sonora Desert Mule Deer

The Desert Mule Deer: our hunting areas cover aprox. 750.000 acres; all hunts are guided 1 x 1, tracking on foot and using 4x4 vehicles ( 2 hunters per vehicle ) to get to the areas to hunt ( flat lands in the desert, must of the time starting your hunt 5 minutes away from main camp! ). Our average success for the past 18 years has been 28 + inches spread! scoring 175-180 B&C points with a success rate of 77 % on kill. The rest of the hunters either missed or passed looking for a monster buck.

We encourage our hunters to hunt all day, from down to dusk! we include a hearty lunch by mid day to avoid returning to camp, unless otherwise requested!

Hunt price is on request all licences and permits included.

At the Mule Deer camps we preferably host 4 hunters per camp per week ( unless other previous arrangements ) hunting a different area/ ranch every week. This is how we manage to keep our outstanding success rate and superior trophy quality.


All our accomodations are in ranch houses with warm rooms, full size beds, hot showers, flushing toilettes and 120-240 v. generators. All our meals are excellent, with a full time cook and camp helpers, 5 to 6 course breakfast and dinner, and a big lunch pack to eat on site during your day hunt, we prefer not to come back to camp for lunch and keep hunting all day ( unless you request to come to camp for a full lunch). Soft drinks , beer and spirits are included. We have ten radio equiped 4 x 4 vehicles. Proper field care of the trophies is also included. All guides have powerfull hand held two-way radios to keep communications with the hunting vehicles and camp.

Deer season success

Last season, January 2016.

Sonora Dsert Mule Deer & Coues Deer

Great Bucks in Sonora!

A 7 day successful hunting expedition!

Right now the most sought
after trophy in the world!

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