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What to do to get a Hunting Licence
Mexico turns into the easiest country to hunt at...
Easy steps to follow: (New Mexican Goverment Guns Regulations)

To bring your guns and ammo into Mexico and to allow us to apply for your hunting licences we only need you to provide us with the following:

  • Hunting Agreement with guns information (we will provide you with one)
  • Your hunt balance check
Notes for Guns Application: (Archers are welcome and do not need any gun application.)
- Caliber: (No less than .264 and no more than .300 Mag.).
- Up to 100 rounds of ammo. per gun and up to 2 guns per hunter.

FEDEX to our address in Mexico City, Mexico:

Av. Sauzales 44
Col. Granjas Coapa
Mexico, D.F., 14330
Tel. 52-555-6712064
Fax. 52-555-6712207

Send THIS papers by Federal Express overnight letter ONLY before October 1st. This is the Dead Line, after this date we will not be able to process any gun licence, you would then have to use our guns and ammo at camp, free of charge.
Av. Sauzales 44, Col. Granjas Coapa, Mexico D.F. 14330.
Tel: (52)555-671-2064, (52)555-671-1177
Fax: (52)555-671-2207 Email:

2740 West Escalon Ave., Fresno, California, Zip 93711.
Tel: 559-432-1627