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The Sonora Desertlands
Hunting the Sonora Desertlands
Imagine the spot: Itīs 5 a.m. You wake up in your warm room. Outside is full of the typical desert vegetation like Chollas, Palos Verdes, and Sahuaros. The morning air is a bit cooler than you thought, but never mind, in the dinning room a hot cup of tea is waiting for you.
Outside temperature is aproximately 40°F, a medium down coat was a good choice for the morning ride in open 4x4īs. Temperature will rise to 85°F by noon, cooling down again to the low 40īs by sundown.
After being introduced to your expert guide. both of you step into the 4x4 radio communicated truck and start your way, sharing it with another hunter and his guide. At certain point, your guide locates a fresh track, you get off the truck and start tracking by foot, while the other hunter continues looking for his own set of tracks.
Suddenly, your guide makes a complete stop. In a quiet voice and pointing out he says: "Muy grande". There he is. Right beside a Sahuaro. You put up your rifle...aim...shoot...and...the trophy of a life time is yours!
Back at camp, everybody gathers around you and your trophy. Later while our skinner is working, you take a sit around the campfire and relax with a cold drink in your hand. Is this good life or what! The other hunters are comming in. Some of them where just as lucky as yourself! Others were not, they came close but...they are not worried. They know their chance will come sooner or later...
After a relaxing shower and a change of clothes, a good dinner is served for you, everything is cooked in the spot by our full time cook.

All game meat is consumed at camp by the staff and hunters (steaks, poultry and fish are always available). No game is wasted at all. After dinner, you and all the hunters gather around the fireplace toasting for the harvested trophies and their hunters. Hunting stories come and go as the night passes by. Can you picture yourself here?

Reward yourself with the hunting trip you deserve, come and hunt in Mexico with us!

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