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Our Hunting Areas
The desert of Sonora a land of mystery and enchantment, is also home of three of the most sought after trophies in North America: the Desert Bighorn Sheep, the Desert Mule Deer and the phantom of the desert, the Coues Deer.
The Desert Mule Deer inhabits the flat lands it is a magnificient animal of around 250-300 pounds of weight, with antlers that spread anywhere between 24-46 inches and average over 170 B&C poins or 180 S.C.I. points. A simple look to the S.C.I. book of records will confirm this.
Since 1990 they have been recognized by the S.C.I. as a different subspecie having now their own place in the record book. 90% of the racks taken by our hunters make the record book and they will go on doing so (it is just a matter of time before a new world record is set).
The Coues Deer inhabits the small mountains of North Central Sonora and the mountain sides of the North-western areas. They are beautiful White Tail-like deer, averaging 110 pounds in weight and antlers that usually have 12-16 inches of spread and 95 S.C.I. points or 90 B&C points.
With outstanding monsters of 110 B&C or better coming out every year! As with the muleys, our coues deer success speaks for ourselves, with 99% of it since 1980 and 95% of the trophies going into the record book.
Loreto, Baja California Sur:
The oldest town in Baja California Sur, is surrounded by the incomparable scenery of the la Giganta mountain range, the desert and the Sea of Cortez. Nature was generous with Loreto; the intense blues of the sea, contrast with the greens of the palm groves, and the violets of the islands. The desert, with its cactu sand muteds tones contrasts with the dramatic amphitheater formed by the brilliant colors of the imposing steep rocks of the Sierra de la Giganta, this is where all the BigHorn Sheep live.

Just north of the Mexico-Guatemala border, covering almost 15% of the state of Campeche, lies the 1.8 million-acre Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Slightly larger than the state of Delaware, Calakmul harbors the largest tracts of tropical forest in Mexico. In addition, Calakmul contains several archeological centers, including El Ramonal, Hormiguero, Chicanná, Río Bec, Becán and Calakmul—from which the reserve gets it name (Calakmul in Maya means, "the city of two adjacent pyramids.")

Calakmul shares many of the same species of flora and fauna, including everything from large cats and crocodiles to duck-billed tree frogs and anteaters. Over 230 bird species have been recorded within Calakmul.

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